Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar passes away..

3 07 2008

Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar breathed his last on 1st July 2008, aged 92… for minutes after he left his body all nature seemed to hum in unison a sacred song to bid farewell… we all feel the sudden vaccum created by his physical absence.. his sparkling eyes that remained so until the very last moment…

He had been bed-ridden for almost a year now and suffering from Alzhiemers over a long period of time. Everyday re-winding into the past … He was going back on a journey through every stage – old age, mid age, youth, childhood and finally became a baby again… We all selfishly wished he would remain with us forever and ever…  but when the time comes there is no choice but to let go…

I always felt that he is the sun that shines on our lives… all who were around him – disciples, artistes, colleagues… he was the centre of our world… and words cannot express the depth and intensity of each of our personal experiences and feelings at this moment…




2 responses

3 07 2008

Great to see you here albeit with an obituary. But this not just an obituary , right?
U r right ammu , some people have this power to take a bright “something” from the world around when they leave.

U r lucky to have learnt under he tutelage of such a great guru.


3 07 2008

Indeed a befitting effort by one his foremost disciples..
Hope they will continue to take his legacy on and on and on….

Guru Vandanam

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