Akademi Puraskar awarded to a Theyyam artiste for the very first time!

16 02 2010

Shri. U.K.Kunjirama Panicker, Theyyam and Kurunkuzhal Artiste

Dear all, I am proud and happy to share the good news that Shri.U.K.Kunjirama Paniker, a  senior Theyyam(ritual dance)and Kurunkuzhal(short pipe) artiste from Kannur will be recieving the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, award this time. It is to be noted that it is the first time that a Theyyam artiste has been awarded by the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Shri. Kunjirama Paniker, at the age of 35 performed Theechamundi ( mother goddess dancing in the fire) at the Velloor Illam and hence recieved the title of ‘Panicker’. He is also a well-versed performer in the roles of Krishnamoorthi, Bhairavan and Gulikan. Later on he specialized in playing the wind pipe instrument Kurunkuzhal with extra-ordinary skill of breath control. This technique of playing the short pipe by storing a large amount of air in his bellows like cheeks is a very rare technique that requires special talent.

33 persons from the fields of Music, Dance, and Theatre were selected for the Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards (Akademi Puraskar) for the year 2009.


Shri.U.K.Kunjirama Paniker, Rajeevam, Mamba – P.O, Anjarakkandi, 670611, Odathil Peedika, Kannur, Kerala, India

Tel: 0479 3254292, Mobile telephone: 9847449223




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31 05 2010
Rajesh Komath

Dear Sir

It is a time where we could see sites which shares news of this sort and it is great to share these kinds of news


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