“Thus art is liberated when it amazes the confused man”

4 07 2008

Guru NityaIn Januray 1995, the great spiritual master, thinker, philosopher, scholar, author – Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati visited us and stayed with us at Natanakairali. Ammannur ashan performed for him the piece ‘Parvativiraham’ from the play Thoranayudhdham. The part where Ravana narrates a lovers’ quarrel between Shiva and Parvati. This is one of those pieces that was frequently performed and popularised by Guru Ammannur. After the performance Guru Nitya said the following…

“…we are experiencing one dance.The vision of beauty of a genius who lived centuries ago has flown to us as part of tradition . Though many effected changes to it as time passed, it continues to flow like River Ganges from the Himalayas.. There is amazement and wonder in the audience when he sees its sweet vitality. Wonder is at the heart of all art. When one realises this wonder, that moment fills the heart with with the touch of the divine. Thus art is liberated when it amazes the confused man. Kutiyattam was able to nurture talent that overcomes time metamorphosis and the experience of higher realms of emotion without hindering meaning and truth”.