Kaniyar Kali and Mudiyettu at Natanakairali

30 12 2011

Kaniyar Kali

Mudiyettu, Photo:Thulasi Kakkat

Natanakairali presents

Kanniyar Kali* by Shri. Dwaraka Krishnan and group on 2nd Jan 2012, 9 PM onwards at Natanakairali, Irinjalakuda


Mudiyettu* by Shri. Pazhur Manian Marar and group on 3rd January 2012, 9 PM onwards at Natanakairali, Irinjalakuda

Kanniyar Kali* is also known as Desathukali. It is a folk play that has both dance and theatre elements. Popular in the villages of Palaghat it used to be performed by the Nair community. However one of the main themes dealt with in the Kanniyar porattu is the criticism of the caste differences in society towards communities like Malayan, Kuravan etc who were one-time slaves and dependents of the feudal chieftains of the Malabar area in Kerala. The dance is fast moving and militant performed in the honour of the deity Bhagavathy.

* Mudiyettu is an ancient ritual theatre that depicts the mythological tale of a battle between the goddess Kali and the demons Darika and Danavendra. It is performed by marar and kurup communities in certain kavu-s of Kerala.  It is an example of the transition from ritual to theatre. It is the second among two of the artforms from Kerala to be declared by UNESCO as an Oral and Intangible Hertiage of Humanity.